At Redbox, we are continuously working on improving our platform to deliver the best experience for our customers. In the past year, we have launched many new offerings for our customers such as Free Live TV, Free On Demand movies, completely overhauled TV/Device Apps, Contactless Mobile Pass, and many more. Behind all these exciting customer facing features are many improvements behind the scenes to our platform. From building a multi-region highly available platform from scratch to solving large data problems at scale,

As we continued our journey of digital transformation (modernizing our platform) — Redbox On Demand — we are…

Part II — Connecting/Migrating Backend Services

A machine with many wires crossed and connected; similar to a telephone operator
A machine with many wires crossed and connected; similar to a telephone operator
Photo by John Barkiple on Unsplash

Redbox, like many other companies, is working on a digital transformation journey; modernizing and moving legacy systems out of it’s data center and into the cloud. In addition to application modernization and migration, Redbox is continuing to building out and enhance it’s new streaming platform — Redbox On Demand.

Tackling both legacy migrations and new additions/changes at the same time is difficult and sometimes results in a perfect storm chaos. In addition, we had to adapt and ensure our platform was stable and able to accommodate a large increase in traffic due to the pandemic. Aside from all the technical…

Object oriented programming (OOP) has been around for a long time, but it seems that there still are problems in understanding what it is, what one gets out of it and how to know if you’re reaping its fruits.

Object oriented programming is a paradigm that approaches the problem by describing it with objects, their states and operations that change these states. Since this may sound too abstract it is easy to disregard this as a theoretical thing that is hardly applicable in practice. That is exactly what happened in its beginnings and still is happening with every generation of…

Programming has come a long way since its beginnings. At first, engineers were both creators, programmers and users of the computers. Long time after a need emerged for users of the software to be physically separate from computers where the software is actually running and a new paradigm was created — separation to clients and servers.

client — server computing | credits:

In the start of web applications server application was responsible to create HTML for browser to display and handle actions like adding, editing or deleting. At first there was no JavaScript and CSS, so all that was considered programming was done by the same…

Marko Lazić

I have been curious about how things work all my life. Today, I use the same attitude in software development to make things good and then make them better.

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